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Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

Why Are Things Going WRONG?

From World War to Cold War to War on Terror; from polio to AIDS to Ebola, why does it seem that our world has gone from bad to worse? Will planet Earth ever see a time of peace? Scripture gives the answer!

The Power of the Resurrection

Why were you born?  What will happen after you die?  Millions believe there is nothing after death, but your Bible reveals the encouraging truth!

Which Jesus Do You Worship?

Deceived people do not know they are deceived. Is it really possible that billions may be deceived about the true Jesus Christ? You need to know, and to protect yourself from deception!

Are You Ready for Tough Times Ahead?

If you have been following world news, you surely know that the seeds are now being sown to bring about the prophesied “Beast” of Revelation! As Russian-sponsored men in black masks occupy and hold police stations and other key facilities in the Ukraine, the European powers are reminded of how impotent they really are. Having depended upon the nuclear umbrella provided by the United States since World War II, the nations of central Europe now realize that they cannot depend upon America’s support in the future.

Do You Seek God?

Is God real to you? Is He a vital presence in your life, or just some abstract concept that makes no difference? Are you applying the vital scriptural tools that can draw you closer to Him?