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Roderick C. Meredith (1930-2017)

Do You Worship the True Christ?

Jesus Himself warned of “false christs” who would deceive many. So, how can you be sure you are worshiping the real Christ of the Bible?

A Warning For You!

It really is time to “wake up!” Are many of us becoming “asleep at the switch?” A common attitude of millions of human beings is to “go along to get along.” It is often easier to go along with the public mood or situation than to stand against it and take criticism or even persecution. So most people succumb to the “take it easy and go along” approach. Our religious and political leaders often tell us that “all is well.” But, my friends, all is not well!

Do You Worship the True Christ?

Are you among the millions who have been tricked into worshiping a false Jesus? Read this article to be sure you have not been deceived!

Escape the Great Tribulation

Scripture promises that God’s most faithful people will be protected from the terrible events that will befall our world before Christ returns. Will you receive that protection?

Why Will Christ Return?

Millions have heard about Christ’s prophesied “Second Coming.” But only a few understand the real reason why Jesus Christ will soon return to planet Earth.