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Ryan Dawson

Are You an Essential Worker?

Tools mask and remote work station

The most crucial work of all is perhaps the least respected.

Will You be an Essential Worker?

2020’s most Googled news items include: Coronavirus, Murder Hornet, Australia fires, and, at number four in the rankings, unemployment. Within the vein of unemployment, another question was on people’s minds: “Am I an essential worker?” What is the most essential work you can take part in?

Lessons from My Grandfather's Cistern

When I was a child, my family frequently visited my grandparents’ home. Each time we did, my grandfather would have some task for us to do. My brothers and I never really minded the work, though, because he would always make it fun and teach us something deeper in the process. I cannot even count the number of projects we worked on together, but they are now collectively treasured memories of a man who taught me much. One such project was cleaning out the rainwater cistern.

Great Again?—100 Days of Mr. Trump

“Make America great again”—it was Mr. Donald Trump’s campaign promise as candidate, and now has become his mission as President. The first 100 days of a U.S. presidency are often the benchmark used to measure and predict the success—or, perhaps in some cases, lack thereof—of the executive who holds the United States’ highest office. The question remains: Can America be great again?

A Bridge to Nowhere...

Why would someone build a bridge to nowhere? Either they do not realize where they were headed, or they just are not the sharpest tool in the shed. The fact is, though, most of us have probably constructed our own bridges to nowhere at one point or another—in other words, spending a lot of effort on something that will never take us to a useful destination. Chances are, most of us have, at one time or another, held onto grudges—which are effectively bridges to nowhere.