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Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: Pro-Satan Propaganda

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When atheist Darren Aronofsky’s movie Noah debuted this past week, many observers expected it to be biblically inaccurate, irresponsibly “creative” and filled with the promotion of trendy secular values. Few, however, expected the movie to be what amounts to a propaganda piece for the Devil himself.  Yet, hard as this may be to believe, that is exactly what the movie represents!

Some viewers understandably object to the movie’s biblical inaccuracy. Yet, even some of our culture’s most cherished “biblical” movies—such as Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments—have taken significant liberties with the biblical text while retaining a basic reverence for the biblical narrative.

A few viewers have been upset by the film’s radical environmentalism. Yet, even this is nothing so unusual in our modern media, where nature-worship is one of the very few “acceptable” religions. If a Hollywood movie is to depict “evil” destroying the world, you can be sure the “evil” will be cast in the terms currently in vogue with today’s trendsetters and secular moralists.

Others are upset by the depiction of Noah as a warrior. (My favorite tongue-in-cheek description so far has been Matt Walsh’s: “vegan Martial Arts master.”) Yet, considering Hollywood’s contradictory impulses to portray the maximum graphic violence on screen even while preaching against violence, this too should surprise no one.

Indeed, none of these aspects surprised me, and I did not expect much better. But I was shocked to see the extent to which the film was not just unbiblical, but stridently anti-biblical. In fact, the movie was actively Satanic.

“Whoa! Only crazies and radicals say stuff like that!” I realize this may sound extreme. But if it is true, surely we should go ahead and say so. And even a cursory review of several elements of the film shows this to be true, indeed.

Consider Noah’s depiction of fallen angels (that is, demons). The movie portrays these creatures as noble beings who wanted to help humanity, who felt sorry for us when the Creator kicked mankind out of paradise—and whom a harsh and heartless Creator God punished for their compassion, encasing them in solid rock to live on earth as monstrosities.

Demons?  Caring, self-sacrificial heroes. The Creator? Cruel, heartless, judgmental and silent. Sure sounds “pro-Satan” to me!

Notice also the blessing of the serpent. In the movie, Noah blesses his grandchildren by touching them in a loving family scene, after wrapping his arm in the magical, glowing shed skin of the serpent from the Garden of Eden—symbolic of the Devil himself!  The Devil as a magical source of blessing and the very center of loving family traditions?  Definitely pro-Satan!

Sadly, the list could go on (and on and on). One observer, Dr. Brian Mattson, has noted that many of these cinematic “enhancements” correspond fairly well with elements of some “Kabbalistic” teachings—ancient mystic notions that twist Scripture to incorporate “magical” elements turning biblical ideas upside down in ways that are, frankly, diabolical. Considering the story of Aronofsky’s 1998 film Pi (a film I desperately wish I could unsee), which heavily leaned on similar garbage, perhaps this should not have been a surprise.

Regardless, it is utterly amazing to see the astonishing extent to which the film seems to actively demonize the God of Scripture and, in manners both subtle and explicit, to honor Satan the Devil. Shame on those Christian “leaders” who suggest that the movie should be given some artistic “leeway” and who do not recognize the demonic propaganda this film represents! Aronofsky’s Noah is more than biblically inaccurate—it is utter and purposeful perversion of what the Bible teaches!

Some optimists had hoped Noah would signal Hollywood’s desire to create more films Christians could appreciate. But if this Satanic movie represents the best of Hollywood’s efforts, perhaps Christians would be better off if Hollywood simply continued to ignore them!

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