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A King of the North?

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The anti-war mood that has prevailed in Germany since the close of World War II appears to be rapidly changing. German politicians have begun calling for the creation of an “EU military academy” and a “permanent military headquarters” as prerequisites for establishing an “EU army” (German Foreign Policy.com, December 8, 2014). One member of the German parliament stated that while the EU is a “global actor” due to its economic influence, “its foreign and military policy… is inadequate and ‘urgently in need of improvement’” (ibid.). The German Minister of the Economy called for “the establishment of an EU armament industry with a strong German base, independent of the USA” (ibid.). The move to establish an EU army controlled by the European Parliament would remove any decision-making authority from national parliaments. 

Bible prophecies have long foretold the rise of a Beast power in Europe at the end of the age, composed of ten kings or leaders or nations that will be controlled by Germany (Revelation 13:1-4; 17:11-13; Isaiah 10:5-11). This end-time confederation of European nations, referred to as the “king of the north” will be drawn into the turmoil in the Middle East and become an adversary of former allies in the United States, England and France (Daniel 11:40-43; Hosea 11:1, 5, 11).

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