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Apocalyptic Prediction by the UN

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“Robert Glasser, the special representative of the secretary general for disaster risk reduction [of the United Nations], said that with the world already ‘falling short’ in its response to humanitarian emergencies, things would only get worse as climate change adds to the pressure... He also predicted a rise in the number of simultaneous disasters. ‘As the odds of any one event go up, the odds of two happening at the same time are more likely. We’ll see many more examples of cascading crises, where one event triggers another event, which triggers another event’” (The Guardian, April 24, 2016). “Glasser pointed to Syria, where years of protracted drought led to a massive migration of people from rural areas to cities in the run-up to the country’s civil war” (ibid.).

Nearly two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ prophesied that major disasters including wars, disease epidemics, earthquakes and famines would erupt in the last days (Matthew 24:3-8; Mark 13:4-8; Luke 21:7-11, 25).  The Bible also foretells a tremendous loss of life from these impending disasters (Revelation 6:3-11). It is sobering when the predictions of knowledgeable world leaders begin to resemble the same world disasters that are prophesied in the Bible. For a positive view of what is coming in the future, watch “Is There Any Hope for Mankind?