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Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ's Return

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Prove it straight from your Bible’s own pages!

  • Some preach Jesus Christ may return tonight or a thousand years from now.
  • Others believe in a secret rapture.
  • You can know definitively what lies just ahead! Don’t get caught unprepared.
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Quick Synopsis

Do you know what lies ahead in your future? What about the future of your nation and the world? We are not living in ordinary times. We are nearing the end of an age—the end of a civilization.

Our time truly fulfills the words that Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke at the beginning of the Great Depression: “This generation has a rendezvous with destiny.” Far more than the 1930s generation, which was then fast approaching the most destructive war in the world’s history, we, today, truly have a rendezvous with destiny! A world-shaking crisis is inexorably building and will, in the near future, explode the appearance of normalcy that still pervades Western civilization at this time.

Presently, the news media is randomly reporting tragic events, explaining their significance in a way that the average man or woman can understand. You need to know that the progression of disturbing news stories is not random and inconsequential. In fact, they foreshadow remarkable key trends and specific events that will change everything you are familiar with in the next few decades!

How can anyone know the future for sure? Who really understands the big picture?

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