Are There Any More Good Leaders?

News and Prophecy Staff
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Dictators appear to be increasing in number while a growing number of local and national leaders are stepping down under corruption allegations. The global corruption watchdog Transparency International recently released its Corruption Perceptions Index, which reported over two-thirds of nations are corrupt (Deutsche Welle, February 21, 2018). The nations of New Zealand, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and the U.S. were considered among the least corrupt nations. And most other nationsincluding Mexico and many in eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and most of Central and South Americawere scored as corrupt (Transparency International, February 21, 2018). The index ranked 180 countries and territories using data focusing on “perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople.”  

The report noted that “most governments around the world are moving too slowly to curb graft and bribery.” It also identified the “clear link between high levels of corruption and little protection of the media and civil society groups.”

What is sobering is that most of the least corrupt nations, according to the survey, are the Israelite-descended nations of Western Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Sadly, the Bible prophesies that the condition of these nations will worsen, because spiritually, they are far from uncorrupt. In fact, as time moves forward, these nations are prophesied to become bereft of good leaders (Isaiah 3:1–5), because of their sins (v. 8). The future holds some sobering times before Christ returns to fix society. For more insights into why global corruption will spread and result in a global dearth of good leaders, read or listen to The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.