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America in Fear

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The Canadian weekly Maclean’s recently ran a sobering article on the USA by Scott Gilmore (Maclean’s, September 10, 2014). Gilmore wrote, “If America is still the ‘shining city upon a hill,’ that is only because of the klieg lights glinting off the razor wire…  After endless bloody wars, trillions spent on security, the battering of the Constitution, and the creation of a militarized surveillance state, American citizens, at the very least, look like the losers in the war on terror” (ibid.). “The perception of America as a stabilizing force for good has been severely damaged, and its reputation has plummeted… The United States has become less free, less open, more militarized… The nation responsible for leading mankind to the moon now chooses to spend its money on over 3,000 domestic intelligence organizations and not on new dreams… America is bloodied, cowed and exhausted. But it is not defeated. It is not too late to recognize that the real enemy was not hiding in Abbattabad. The real enemy was fear” (ibid.). 

The article exudes disappointment with a brother in whom high hopes are placed. It almost begs the U.S. to see what it is missing and return to its former glory. But prophecy reveals that America and its Israelite-descended brothers (including Canada) will diminish prior to Christ’s return (Deuteronomy 28:43). These nations will become the “tail” and not the “head,” due to disobedience to God (v. 44). The handwriting has been on the wall for some time, but it is sobering to watch this happen.

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