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Big Changes for France

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Centrist Emmanuel Macron and his newly created political party just won the French presidential election, much to the relief of EU leaders! He is the youngest French president ever, and this will be the first elected position for the brilliant and ambitious Frenchman. Polls show Macron was elected primarily to prevent the advance of his opponent, Marie LePen, rather than because voters favored him or his policies. One interviewee commented that Macron was the “lesser of two evils” (Reuters, May 8, 2017). French voters spoke loudly during the election cycle, choosing two presidential finalists from “outside” the traditional parties. Marie LePen may have put it best in a debate days before the election, when she warned that a woman would ultimately take the helm in France: “France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs Merkel”—forecasting her expectation that France would fall subject to Germany should Macron be elected president (The Guardian, May 4, 2017). Macron takes the reins of power in a very divided France. He inherits a large debt and a plethora of divisive social and immigration ills. Monsieur Macron, despite his good intentions, will not truly be able to “protect the republic” as he has promised (EU Observer, May 8, 2017).

According to many Bible prophecies, the future of France, like that of all other Israelite-descended nations, will be difficult in the years ahead. To learn more about France’s sobering future, read “The End of Liberté?