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Deadly Plague Out of Control

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“The Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa is ‘totally out of control,’ according to a senior official for Doctors Without Borders, who says the medical group is stretched to the limit in responding” (Associated Press, June 20, 2014). Ebola, which causes its victims to bleed to death internally, is spread from person to person and has no cure or vaccine. This outbreak “has been linked to more than 330 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, according to the World Health Organization” (ibid.). According to Armand Sprecher, a public health specialist with Doctors Without Borders, “This is the highest outbreak on record and has the highest number of deaths, so this is unprecedented so far” (ibid.). Ebola (hemorrhagic fever) is a deadly disease with horrific consequences.

Tragic outbreaks like this should motivate any Christian to “sigh and cry” for those who suffer and to pray wholeheartedly for Christ’s return. As the end of the age approaches, Jesus warned that we would see increasing outbreaks of disease epidemics (Luke 21:11) and that these would be just “the beginning of sorrows” that will precede the return of Jesus Christ to this earth (Matthew 24:8). 

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