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Debbie's Destruction in Australia

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“Australia is surveying the devastation wrought by Cyclone Debbie, which has flooded vast tracts ‘almost the size of Texas’ and left at least three dead” (BBC, April 2, 2017). The aftermath and flooding, as well as the current crop destruction, is estimated to reach AU $1 billion. Tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes, thousands are still without power, and this week, as rivers crest, areas of central Queensland could suffer the worst flooding in 60 years (ibid.). Although many areas affected by the cyclone were in severe drought and in need of much water, the destruction caused by Debbie is yet another weather extreme experienced by this weather-ravaged region.

Bible prophecy foretells severe and extreme weather as we approach the time of the end. This current cyclone in Queensland may be just a foretaste of the “sea and the waves roaring” that Christ prophesied would happen prior to His second coming (Luke 21:25). Severe weather is nothing new. However, Bible students should expect to see more of it and greater destruction from it, as the end of the age approaches. For more biblical insights into this topic, read or listen to Who Controls the Weather?