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Future Control of Gaza

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While Israel methodically seeks to rid Gaza of Hamas, the United States and other nations are discussing who will govern Gaza once Hamas is removed (Wall Street Journal, November 2, 2023). The current Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, is 87 years old and seen by many as too weak to lead in the short term. “Some analysts say a coalition of Arab-nation or Palestinian officials or Palestinian leaders could oversee Gaza on a temporary basis until the territory is in a better place to elect its own leadership,” but involving other Arab nations comes with a host of challenges. One analyst noted that Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan need to play a major role going forward.

“Another possibility would be to persuade Arab states who have signed peace deals or normalization pacts with Israel to provide or oversee a security force for Gaza.” But one nation or group would then need to take administrative responsibility for this force, and many question the ability of the United Nations to do this.

While the Bible is unclear on details, it clearly states “At the time of the end,” a military, political, and religious power referred to as the “king of the North” will eventually move into the land of Israel and Jerusalem (Daniel 11:40–43). And sometime before the end, Jews will offer sacrifices once again in Jerusalem, since sacrifices cannot be stopped—as Scripture prophesies will happen—unless they have first been restarted (Daniel 12:11). The current hostilities between Hamas and Israel could be a catalyst that brings an international force into the Holy Land, which would move events that much closer to the fulfillment of these prophecies. To gain a bigger perspective, be sure to read or listen to our insightful study guide The Middle East in Prophecy.