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Jordan: Seeking Peace and Neutrality

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It is not easy being Jordan today—“Struggling for calm in a region of chaos… Sandwiched in between Iraq and Syria, Jordan’s destiny seems to be one of a constant struggle for survival” (CNN, June 18, 2014). King Abdullah’s “voice of moderation” in a region of strife-torn nations is also crying out for international assistance to manage 1.3 million Syrian refugees. His pleas resulted in half a billion dollars of support from the U.S. and Saudi Arabia last year (ibid.). Jordan is also closely allied with the U.S., Britain and the EU and is trying to stay clear of the turmoil in the nations surrounding it (ibid.). 

Bible prophecy actually mentions Jordan’s role in end-time events. The Scriptures indicate that much of Jordan will “escape” or be spared from the European Beast power (king of the north) when he invades the Holy Land (Daniel 11:40-41), even though Jordan is right next door! It will be interesting to watch Jordan, the reason it will be spared, and the role it will play as the nations around it erupt in the flames of conflict.

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