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India's Deadly Heat Wave

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A severe heat wave in India has killed over 2,300 in the past week as temperatures have climbed above 47 Celsius (116 Fahrenheit) (CNN, June 2, 2015). “Authorities have cancelled doctors’ leave and advised people not to head outside in the middle of the day to avoid the worst of the heat. However for many Indians, staying indoors is not an option. ‘I get headaches, fever sometimes. But (if I stay indoors) how will I make money?’ scrap collector Akhlaq, 28, said” (Telegraph, May 29, 2014).

“May and June are India’s hottest months, with temperatures regularly pushing above 40 Celsius. But meteorologists say the number of days when temperatures approach 45 Celsius has increased in the past 15 years” (ibid.). As India suffers through extreme heat, California is preparing to begin the summer with the Sierra Mountains at none of their normal snowpack—meaning there will be no snowmelt to replenish streams, rivers and lakes. This prompted one journalist to predict “apocalypse soon” (Yahoo News, May 30, 2015). While Texas has literally been “under water” due to heavy rains, other places around the globe seem to be “burning up.”

For more than a decade, this Work has warned, “Most scientists are beginning to realize that the normal weather patterns are not holding and that something they have never experienced seems to be building up in the weather cycles... Can we be angry at God or call Him cruel when He intervenes in this way to get our attention? Does God cause or allow these disasters because He hates us?” (Who Controls the Weather?, pp. 3-5) For more insight to the bizarre weather events we are witnessing around the globe, read our booklet Who Controls the Weather?