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International Clashes Increase!

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Iran and Saudi Arabia are waging an alarming battle of words. In response to threatening words from Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Iran’s defense minister stated, “If the Saudis do anything ignorant, we will leave no area untouched except Mecca and Medina” (Reuters, May 7, 2017). Further east, where border clashes between Pakistan and Afghanistan are common, the current level of skirmishes has experts wondering if the two nations are at war (Deutsche Welle, May 7, 2017). In Europe, British leaders have expressed their willingness to “go to war over Gibraltar” if Spain pushes too hard for a say in Gibraltar’s future (Deutsche Welle, April 3, 2017). Throughout history, war has been a constant between nations. However, in our enlightened, post-modern era of globalism and freedom from religion, war was supposed to become an artifact of history and not a reality on the horizon!

The Bible records that when Jesus Christ was asked by His disciples what signs will announce the end of the age, He plainly said there would be “wars and rumors of wars… [and that] nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:3-8). According to the prophecies of Jesus Christ, the threat and reality of war will continue to increase as we near the time of His return to the earth! To learn more about the real Gospel, read our article “Will Wars Ever Cease?