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“Peace” When There Is No Peace?

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Every December, hundreds of millions of people begin to talk of “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” They say they are followers of the “Prince of Peace”—Jesus Christ. But what do they do about it?

Some of you readers may have read about the famous “Christmas truce” during World War I. For one day, after months of deadly “trench warfare,” many of the warring soldiers put down their guns. Some even sang Christmas carols together with enemy soldiers.

Then, the next day, they resumed the killing.

Yes, peace among men has always been elusive. Today, even as I write, ISIS guerillas are continuing to slaughter, torture—even behead and crucify—their enemies. Russian troops are eyeing the Ukraine and threatening invasion. In Southeast Asia, smaller nations like Vietnam are concerned about China’s push for total dominance in that region. Even larger nations such as Japan and the Philippines are growing uneasy.

And the dangers of disease epidemics continue to grow. Thousands in Africa have been infected by the Ebola virus—which is just a plane flight away from the United States and Western Europe!

Why is all of this happening?

Because of our rebellion against God and His laws, we are coming under the inspired curses described in Deuteronomy 28. Remember, dear readers, Jesus constantly referred to the Old Testament books as “Scripture.” He told us:  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God” (Luke 4:4).  Among His words are the Ten Commandments, proclaimed at Sinai and later magnified by Jesus Christ (Exodus 20; Matthew 22). Human beings without God’s Spirit have a tendency to dislike “rules”—and, when there are rules, like to “reason around” their need to obey. Read Mr. Jonathan McNair’s thoughtful article on page 26 of this issue, “An Exception to the Rule?” for more on this important topic.

Throughout Scripture, God reminds us that “breaking the rules” brings severe consequences.  In the famous prophetic passage containing God’s curses for modern Israel, God warns, “The Lord will change the rain of your land to powder and dust; from the heaven it shall come down on you until you are destroyed” (Deuteronomy 28:24). Sure enough, major parts of the western U.S. are suffering from terrible drought. This summer, as much as 99.8 percent of California was under what the experts called “severe” drought.

America Humiliated!

Dear readers, Americans and our British-descended brethren are in terminal trouble. The “pride of our power” has truly been broken (Leviticus 26:19). Scores of articles even in our mainstream newspapers and magazines regularly point out that—even though we still have the most powerful military force in the world—America is increasingly regarded as a “paper tiger.” So Vladimir Putin of Russia, the rulers of China and the powerful terrorists of the Middle East all “have our number.”

It is finally becoming clear to America’s leaders that the Islamic terrorists mean business! Because of the gold and cash these rebels took from banks, and because of millions of dollars of military hardware they have seized in recent months, the so-called “Islamic State” is now regarded as the best financed, most heavily armed terrorist group we have ever faced.

We are in trouble. And our brethren in the British-descended nations are also in trouble, because we have turned away from the God who gave us our greatness in the first place. We should not be surprised that the citizens of Scotland—for the last three centuries part of the United Kingdom—have roiled that union with their increasing desire for independence, culminating in September’s hard-fought referendum, in which—despite the “No!” majority—about four out of nine Scots sought separation from the UK. Even Wales and Northern Ireland have increasing numbers of people who seek greater autonomy, or even total independence, from the United Kingdom and the English.

Who Can But Prophesy?

So the stage is being set. The final collapse of the British-descended and American peoples is at hand—unless we truly repent and turn to the real God in a way we have never done in modern times! Yet, God will never “forget” His promises. He will always have true servants to warn His people about any major catastrophe just ahead. As His servant Amos was inspired to tell us:  “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared! Who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken! Who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:7–8).

Yes, we who can understand cannot help but speak out! Read my article on page 5 of this issue, “Why Are Things Going Wrong?” It will help you understand the meaning of current events as we come ever closer to Jesus Christ’s prophesied return to establish the Kingdom of God on planet Earth!

Also be sure to read Mr. Richard Ames’ informative article, “Revelation: A Message of Warning and Hope” on page 10 of this issue.  Although this complex book is a mystery even to most professing Christians, if God is opening your mind you can understand its message, and take heed before it is too late to protect yourself from the dangerous times ahead.

True Peace

Hundreds of millions of people—perhaps including some of you readers—are becoming increasingly anxious and stressed with the approach of the Christmas holiday this December 25. Millions will go into greater debt, spending money they do not have to buy things they do not need. Why is this so? Many critics urge that we “get back” to the “real meaning” of Christmas. But what is that real meaning? And where did “Christmas” actually come from? Read Mr. Dexter Wakefield’s revealing article on page 18 of this issue—it may open your eyes to the truth about Christmas as never before. I pray that you will study into the matter of God’s Holy Days, which Christ kept, and which all human beings will keep during the soon-coming Millennium, ruled by the King of kings and Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.  Yes, a time is soon coming when the world will know that God means what He says! That they are expected to obey their Creator!  That they must take seriously Jesus Christ’s sobering statement, “But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46). When the Prince of Peace rules over planet Earth, people will genuinely understand that true Christianity goes far beyond just “believing” on Christ. It involves a genuine surrender to live by every word of God. It involves surrendering our lives for Christ to actually “live His life” within us through the Holy Spirit (Galatians 2:20).

Dear reader, most of the world is completely “deceived” about the true message of Jesus Christ, and about the plan God the Father has put into place to bring ultimate peace to planet Earth and all of mankind. But you are different. God has put you in touch with this Work, and has given you this magazine. Please read it carefully. Study its Scripture references. Prove to yourself that what we are writing is the truth! And pray that God will continue to open your mind with the light of His truth, which will bring you peace as you have never had before.


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