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Macron Makes Waves in Europe

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Since French President Emmanuel Macron came to power as a Eurocentric change agent, he has passionately advocated for a stronger Europe and consistently pushed for greater centralization of European power. A Deutsche Welle article stated that Mr. Macron commented in a recent interview on how “US leadership caused the ‘brain death’ of NATO” (November 10, 2019). In Germany, both Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas have publicly disagreed with Mr. Macron and are in support of a continuing and strong NATO.

However, Mr. Macron’s comments and his efforts to advance a European superstate are pushing the Europeans to be less dependent on the United States and to view the European Union as a world leader (Financial Times, November 10, 2019). While these actions are not embraced by all Europeans, Mr. Macron’s comments and style are intended to bring about a response from his counterparts (European Council on Foreign Relations, November 8, 2019).

It is both interesting and significant that the two world leaders putting the greatest pressure on Europe to centralize, militarize, and become more of a unified force are U.S. President Trump and French President Macron. Both of these leaders are from what the Bible shows to be Israelite-descended nations. Bible prophecy reveals that, at the end of the age, God will use a German-led European “beast” power (biblical Assyria, Isaiah 10:5–6) to punish these backsliding nations of Israelite descent! To learn more about the prophetic future of these nations, be sure to read “Why Is Germany Rising?