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Mediterranean Devastation: Signs of Things to Come!

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In recent weeks, devastating events have occurred around the Mediterranean. Libya saw massive flooding as intense rain of more than 16 inches (40 cm) over two days caused dams to break (AP, September 13, 2023). In the coastal city of Derna, over 11,000 people were reported dead and thousands more were still missing (Euronews, September 15, 2023). Aside from the driving rains, officials are blaming the catastrophe on the government’s neglect of dam maintenance.

To the west in Morocco, a major earthquake registering 6.8 struck last week near an area very popular with tourists (BBC, September 10, 2023). The quake killed over 2,900 people with thousands more still missing at the time of this writing. Meanwhile, some are calling the recent wildfires in Greece the largest ever recorded in the European Union. The fires in Greece were followed by major flooding in Italy. These catastrophic events have turned the Mediterranean into a zone of tragedy.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ foretold climactic events in human history that would eventually grow to dwarf all others that had come before. As rescuers in the Mediterranean region search for survivors and citizens seek to rebuild their lives, students of Bible prophecy should both be moved to compassion and to consider Jesus’ admonition, “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13:37). As assuredly as these sobering disasters are changing life for tens of thousands in the Mediterranean, the disasters to come will forever change all of humanity—and literally, even the face of the earth!

Few today realize the connection between end-time events and the biblical Holy Day season we are now in. However, not all the events prophesied for our future are devastating. Many are also encouraging. To learn more about what the Festivals of the Bible picture, be sure to watch “The Biblical Holy Days, Part 3.” These biblical Festivals provide a special understanding that is a mystery to most who call themselves Christian.