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Nordic Nations Lean to the West

News and Prophecy Staff
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“Sweden and Finland have taken part in their first-ever Nato foreign ministers’ meeting… Their participation was hailed as a sign that the two non-aligned countries are moving closer to Nato and US security structures…” (EU Observer, May 20, 2016). On May 13 at a White House summit meeting, “Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden” reaffirmed their commitment to a “deep partnership based on shared fundamental values” with the U.S. (The White House, May 13, 2016). They also agreed to “strengthening investments in defense and military capabilities, as well as in diplomacy and regional cooperation…” (ibid.).

A deepening Nordic/U.S. relationship may appear unique, but biblically it can be expected! Scripture and secular history show many Western European nations (including Norway and Sweden) are Israelite descendants and literally “brothers” of the U.S. and Britain. Prophecy shows these nations will likely go into national captivity together because of their rejection of God— “I [will] punish Israel for their transgressions” (Amos 3:14). And, “The city that goes out by a thousand shall have a hundred left, and that which goes out by a hundred shall have ten left to the house of Israel” (Amos 5:3). As prophecy marches on, expect more Israelite-descended nations to coalesce. For more on this fascinating course of events, read or listen to our free booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.