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Saudi Arabia on the Rise?

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Recently, Saudi Arabia summoned Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to Riyadh where he was apparently ordered to follow the peace plan being written up by the Trump administration (The Times, November 14, 2017). Earlier, Lebanon’s prime minister was apparently summoned to Saudi Arabia—a move he claims he made to avoid an assassination plot (New York Times, November 22, 2017). While in Riyadh, he said he would resign as prime minister, something many believe occurred under pressure from the Saudi crown prince. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have strengthened ties with Germany through the acquisition of German military hardware (Deutsche Welle, November 14, 2017). Riyadh has also threatened military action against Iran as of late (CNBC, November 22, 2017).

Bible prophecies warn of the rise of a “king of the south” at the end of the age (Daniel 11:40-45). The Arab world lacks a core nation to rally around, and a number of national leaders have attempted to fill that void. It will be interesting to watch the growing power and political motivations of Saudi Arabia and its relationship with Egypt and Germany in light of these ancient Bible prophecies. For more insights into the future of the Middle East, read or listen to The Middle East in Prophecy.