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Saudi Arabia Taking the Lead!

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“Arab countries will take necessary measures to protect the region against ‘aggression’ by Yemen’s Iranian-allied Houthi group if a peaceful solution cannot be found to that country’s turmoil, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said on Monday” (Reuters, March 23, 2015). “Asked about Tehran’s role in supporting the Houthis in Yemen, Prince Saud said he was ‘against Iran’s interference’ and also attacked what he described as Iran’s efforts to ‘stir up sectarian conflict’ in Arab states” (ibid.). The Saudi Foreign Minister also went on to observe, “If this issue [in Yemen] is not solved peacefully, we will take the necessary measures to protect the region from their aggression” (BBC, March 23, 2015). Saudi Arabia has now moved to the Yemeni border heavy weaponry that can be used defensively or offensively (Guardian, March 24, 2015).

Bible prophecy clearly demonstrates that at the time of the end an Arab “king of the south” will rise up and bring together a coalition of Arab states. This “king of the south” will reside “south” of Jerusalem and will eventually turn against the European “king of the north” or “beast” power (Daniel 11:40-42). There will no doubt be a “strong nation” that leads this “king of the south” coalition and it very well may be Saudi Arabia or Egypt! Saudi Arabia’s stable government (by comparison), its powerful U.S.-built military now aided by Germany (Der Spiegel, October 14, 2011), and the fact that it is the cradle of Islam are important to consider as we see it taking an increasing leadership role in enforcing peace in the Middle East.

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