Suffering Children

News and Prophecy Staff
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In South Sudan, one million children have been “internally displaced” by war and famine, and another one million children have fled the nation (EuroNews, May 9, 2017). The BBC reports that the United Nations declared a famine in South Sudan in February, the first time this declaration has been made in any country in six years (April 4, 2017). According to the same article, “Ever since South Sudan was born [in 2011], different ethnic groups in the country have fought against each other for power and resources, like cattle.” The BBC also quotes James Copnall, their expert on South Sudan, as summarizing, “The nation is divided. Lots of new anti-government groups have been formed and the battles have spread to new areas.”

Bible prophecy reveals that two of the four horsemen of Revelation will be war and famine (Revelation 6:3-6). While war and famine have always been with us, Bible prophecies indicate that the ride of the four horsemen will intensify to a terrifying climax as we approach the end of the age, and we will see more wars and famines with even greater consequences (vv. 7-8). The Bible also reveals that war is a result of envy, jealousy, and greed (James 4:1-3). When world leaders will do anything to hold on to their power, even sacrifice their people, war and famine are often the result. Tragically, this is the case in South Sudan and many other places in the world today. To better understand what Bible prophecies reveal about the future, read or listen to Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!