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Truth in an Age of Lies

Truth in an Age of Lies

  Original Air Date: 4th March 2021

What are the perils of living at a time when information more widely available than ever before? Information is a good thing. It is impossible to make wise decisions without having information. We use the written accounts of others to learn what has worked, and what hasn't. We can analyze different potential outcomes. We can explore points of view beyond our own perspective. More information must mean that everyone is making better and better decisions. If we look around us, that is clearly not the reality. How does one find truth in this age of lies and fake news? We must keep these things in mind and ask important questions about any information given to us.

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The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

Is the Bible just a collection of myths and legends, or is it the inspired word of God? Many assume that modern scholarship has discredited the Bible, but the facts of history—and the discoveries of archaeology—confirm its contents to be true! The Bible recounts the past with amazing accuracy—and it predicts the future like no other book!

Most of the world has been misled and misinformed about the Bible. You need to understand the truth—and how it can affect your life!

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