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Suffering in Argentina

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According to the World Bank, Argentina is now the country with the second highest rate of food inflation (AP News, May 12, 2023). Food prices in the nation have seen a 115 percent increase over the last twelve months—surpassed only by Lebanon, where food prices have increased over 300 percent! Argentina’s general annual inflation rate has also increased by over 100 percent. Many are relying on soup kitchens to augment their grocery budgets, and some choose to skip meals to ensure their children have something to eat. As one anguished mother said, “It is very distressing not being able to provide your children with what they need.” Some are forced to choose between food and medicine.

Argentina will hold national elections in October, and many expect inflation to be a major factor for voters, and many observe that the potential for serious social unrest is high.

As Argentinians grapple with runaway inflation, it is sobering to watch fellow human beings suffer from increasing hunger. While many around the globe are struggling with rising costs for food and other goods, Argentina is among those experiencing agonizing extremes. Jesus Christ told us that “blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4). Anyone developing the mind of Christ mourns as they see others suffer. These tragic situations should also motivate us to pray more fervently for the time in the future when hunger will become a thing of the past and abundance will be experienced by all! Such suffering in this day and age should move followers of Jesus Christ to fervently pray, “Thy kingdom come.” To learn more about what lies ahead, be sure to read our commentary, “Sigh and Cry.”