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Where Will China’s Ambitions Lead?

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China and Russia are growing closer. Last month, China proposed a 12-point plan to end the war in Ukraine. This week, Chinese President Xi was in Russia meeting with President Putin. President Xi commented that his country was prepared to work with Russia “to stand guard over the world order based on international law” (The Guardian, March 20, 2023).

In another part of the world, China recently “brokered a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in the process upending U.S. calculus in the Gulf and beyond” (CNN, March 15, 2023). Analysts know that as China’s ambitions continue to grow, it will need more oil. Shoring up relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia and building up its own credibility with both nations bodes well for China’s future oil needs. However, the country’s recent diplomatic coup in the Middle East and its pledge to work with Russia as a protector of international norms serves China’s plan to further push the waning United States out of the role of global hegemon. As the U.S. declines and further alienates other nations, it leaves a global leadership vacuum that must be filled. China appears to be working to fill that void. As analyst Nic Robertson noted, what the U.S. has long feared is now happening, regardless of the ultimate result of the war in Ukraine: the creation of an alternative world order that is not centered on the United States.

British and U.S. decline was prophesied long ago in the pages of the Bible, as was the rise of other nations to take their place as the end of the age approaches. Interestingly, the leading international power will ultimately not be China! While China will likely play a major role in end-time events, eyes should be on Germany! To learn more about the future of the world, be sure to read our free resource, Germany in Prophecy.