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Olive Oil: A Biblical Symbol

Olive oil has been used for millennia and is well regarded for many health benefits. This golden liquid, treasured by ancient cultures and modern chefs alike, plays a very important role throughout the pages of the Bible.

Who Really Rules Britain?

Immigration is a powerful force that brings many changes. While it is politically incorrect to point out concerns with uncontrolled immigration, overwhelming numbers of unassimilated migrants have the potential to radically change the culture and values of nations. Such changes are stirring a powerful backlash around the globe, including in Europe and Britain, where native cultures are being disrupted and overwhelmed.

Reasons for Hamas Attack on Israel

January 15 marked 100 days since Hamas’ savage October 7 attack on Israel. The attack triggered a prolonged response from Israel, intent on wiping out Hamas in the Palestinian territories. But what was behind the initial attack? Western media tend to point to years of “Israeli subjugation.” However, a different picture emerges from other sources, including the testimony of a key Hamas leader.

Parental Rights Eroding in Scotland

The Scottish National Party is working hard to change the values of the nation. According to legal experts, proposed legislation, drafted with the help of trans activists, would effectively criminalize actions taken by parents to prevent their children from dressing differently from their birth gender (Telegraph, February 12, 2024).

Growth of Atheist Churches

It sounds like an oxymoron to call something an “atheist church,” but as mainstream church attendance continues to decline, atheist church attendance is on the rise (The Conversation, January 11, 2024). Atheist churches are an attempt to give non-religious people the sense of community and belonging often generated by attendance in traditional churches.