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Adam J. West

Judge not?

Through the effective and powerful means of the media, the homosexual agenda—which first took root decades ago—has in the last decade propelled itself forward with juggernaut intensity! Homosexual activists are not emphasizing subtle tactics and persuasive rhetoric; in recent years they have been pushing to make their beliefs mainstream societal thinking.

The necessity of war?

The Russia Today news agency reports a boom underway in the iron market! Business is prospering for the defense contracting industry as a whole. Iraq, Afghanistan and the more than 1,000 United States military bases worldwide provide a ready stream of business for these contractors. During a career-day expo held in Charlottesville, Virginia, one interviewee stated, “I am a pacifist, but sometimes war is necessary.” Is war really necessary?

Use Knowledge Rightly

Some want to know it all when it comes to the Bible. Having a right and balanced desire to learn and grow in scriptural knowledge is good. It can help us grow in our relationship with our Creator. But this same desire becomes lopsided when the emphasis is on trying to understand subjects where God has purposefully withheld key details, or where the Bible is simply silent. As we seek to learn more about God and His way of life, we need to learn how to seek and use knowledge rightly. How can we do this?

Who's tempting whom?

Are you a man? Are you plagued with battling vivacious visages of semi-clad women so common in modern-day marketing and entertainment? If so, lend me your undivided attention! If you are struggling with the secret seduction of viewing pornography and want help to conquer this societal scourge—read on!

Greed, anarchy and captivity

If you've been watching the news, images from across the Middle East portraying a breakdown of peace, the dissolution of decorum, the disturbing display from unruly mobs of young and old, men and women alike, have been etched in your memory. Could this type of anarchy also awaken in the United States?