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Is the Shroud of Turin Authentic? Does the Bible Even Mention It?

Question: What do a stained cloth, the vague semblances of a man’s face and body, sacramental belief, and relic worship all have in common? Answer: They’re all connected to the mysterious—and controversial—Shroud of Turin. Just what is this item that some worship as a venerated religious relic?

A Century Since the Spanish Flu

 This year marks the 100th anniversary of the deadliest pandemic in recorded history. Could it happen again? 

The Chunnel: Icon of National Cooperation

Thirty years ago, on July 29, 1987, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and French President François Mitterrand signed an historic agreement to build a train tunnel under the English Channel. Its purpose was to allow faster and more efficient travel between France and England. This engineering marvel is called the Eurotunnel, Channel Tunnel, or affectionately, “the Chunnel.” This connection between Britain and France has benefited both sides, but what does this accomplishment portend for the future? Is it possible that the Eurotunnel could serve as a symbol of the type of cooperation all nations will one day exhibit?

The Humility of Michael Faraday

A scientist whose discoveries continue to impact our lives every single day, Faraday’s life offers us more than many realize.

The Year of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, playwright, author, poet and wordsmith extraordinaire, imparted to the world exquisite exposition and powerful (though at times bawdy) prose. The year 2016 marks the 400th anniversary since Shakespeare's death. Celebratory events are scheduled throughout England in honour of this national icon for his inestimable contributions to English culture, arts and language.