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The Queen of May

May pole celebration may day concept

Could many professing Christians be worshiping a pagan goddess?

What Do You Desire?

If you could ask for anything and receive it, what would it be? There was a man in ancient times who did that very thing! He asked for one of the greatest things anyone could ever desire, and he did receive it! Read on to find out who this was, what he requested, and how his request was granted.

“Do You Have Ears to Hear?”

“I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?” Anyone who suffers from hearing loss has surely said this on more than one occasion. Hearing is a fascinating gift, and not to be taken for granted, for those who still possess it. Of the five senses (touch, taste, vision, smell, and hearing), hearing gives us continual input of dynamic and vital information. What can we learn from the miracle of hearing? Is there spiritual significance to this understanding?

“Excruciating? Really?”

Hammer nails and crown of thorns

What meaning should this word have in our lives today?

“Excruciating… Really?”

“That was excruciating!” We hear this statement from individuals, or from ourselves at times, after suffering an injury like breaking a bone, hammering an ill-placed thumb rather than a nail, or stubbing a big toe on the bedpost while stumbling our way through a darkened bedroom. But we might ask, “Excruciating… really?”