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Bryan Fall

Lights Out: The Power of Sleep

Woman sleeping in bed

Sleep is one of the most important bodily processes for physical and mental health. But did you know better sleep can even affect your spiritual life?

Beyond Genetics

DNA helix with yellow backlight

Do your genetics really hold all the answers to your past, present, and future? Or does the remarkable intricacy of life’s incredible design reflect the works of a Creator with even greater plans in store?

Flying By Ear

Balancing on a tree trunk

When most people think of ears, they think of the amazing hearing ability that these organs represent—but what other miracles of creative design are embedded within this tiny space inside our skulls? And what spiritual parallels do they share with the stabilizing influence of God’s laws?

Programmed to Seek

Woman taking notes with a Bible

What are you searching for most?

Giants on a Sea of Grass

Cows in a sunset field

Far from being an eco-disaster, our bovine friends and the other ruminant, cud-chewers of our world are actually good the environment. Learn about the vital, replenishing role God designed them to play on the fields and prairies of planet earth.