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Editorial Staff

Letters to the Editor

I am writing to thank you for all your books that you have enlightened me with. I have attended several churches that are adamant about the Ten Commandments being abolished through Jesus Christ. I have never realized how blinded and misled these people are. You are truly witnessing the real words of God and teaching people to live by them. I commend you on your remarkable work and hope that it opens up many more minds to the Truth.

A. B., Arima, Trinidad

Letters to the Editor

I wish to thank you very much for sending me Tomorrow's World. I have found great satisfaction and peace of mind in each issue. Tomorrow's World has been of great help to me in understanding the Bible and seeking the truth. I have found through your kindness many truths that would otherwise have escaped my attention through my own study of Scripture. I always look forward to the coming issue. Thank you for helping me find the truth.

V. P., Niagara, ON, Canada

Letters to the Editor

Your magazine has been nothing less than inspiring to me. None of this backsliding and two-stepping anddodging the truth! You tell it like it is. I am particularly impressed with the article, "Classrooms In Chaos" by Douglas Winnail (January-February 2006). Please keep up the good work, and may God bless you all. I pray for you daily.

C. A., Phoenix, AZ