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Editorial Staff

Letters to the Editor

I am just writing to thank you for the effort you put into helping us understand about God's word and His promises. I found Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer very inspiring. Since then, I have subscribed for a few other free booklets and your Tomorrow's World magazine. I praise the Lord for the inspiration He has given all of you to carry on this good work. I pray that you will be able to successfully continue assisting and encouraging others to listen and understand God's word.

Letters to the Editor

I wanted to mention that I appreciate the prophetic articles by Douglas S. Winnail concerning the modern Israelite nations. I appreciate how Mr. Winnail continues to prove his points from each and every angle. Thanks, Tomorrow's World, for making sense of the whole matter once again.

D. W., Duncanville, AL

Letters to the Editor

In receipt of the March-April issue of Tomorrow's World, I read about the sign of Jonah, and it was amazing to learn more about the three days and three nights. After sharing this with fellow members of my local church, they were filled with awe. Thank you for the good work you are doing.

J. N., Eldoret, Kenya

Letters to the Editor

I went to your presentation at Chester (United Kingdom) on Saturday, and I must say how much I enjoyed it. This was a first time for me, and I must say I found it very thought-provoking. Plus, the informal chat afterward was most helpful. I am looking forward to the next time.

P.J., Stoke Staffordshire, UK

Letters to the Editor

I read your booklet, Restoring Apostolic Christianity. It touched me, because for several years I have prayed that God put in willing minds and hearts how He wants to be worshiped. Not man's opinions or traditions, but His will be done. I have felt something was missing for so long. Your booklet interested me deeply, and I would love to read more.

E.G., Boaz, AL