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Editorial Staff

Letters to the Editor

Your recent advertisement, promising, "You can be protected from the dangerous times ahead," is just another false promise and exaggerated claim made by the superstitious and fanatical. Or are you paranoid, or is this another charlatan scheme to relieve the weak-minded public of their money? As Saul Bellow wrote, "A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.

J.S., Shreveport, LA

Letters to the Editor

I received your booklet, Twelve Keys to Answered Prayer. I was so moved by it. After reading it, I knew God was listening and answered my prayers. Thank you so much for this free blessing, and I thank God for you who send out the truth of God for free.

S. H., Falmouth, KY

Letters to the Editor

I love your magazine! My husband has been receiving it for quite a while. I am sorry to say I never paid much attention to it. But the cover of the May-June 2008 issue really caught my attention. I started reading it, and just couldn't put it down till I had read nearly all of it. Finally, writings on end-times that make sense! I have read other articles on end times, but they never seemed to be anything I could relate to, much less understand. I can't wait until I receive the booklets I ordered.