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Gerald Weston

Is Darwinism Dead?

Is Darwinian evolution the fact you’ve been told it is?  Or is there reason to doubt Darwin? Many discoveries made over the last half century call into question whether life as we know it could possibly be the result of random chance.  And if empirical evidence is not on Darwin’s side, this has serious implications for how we got here, and whether there is a purpose for our existence.

The War on Patriarchy

Early television portrayed husbands and fathers in a positive light. Consider Ozzie and Harriett and Father Knows Best, for those old enough to remember.  Both men and women were shown positively, but it wasn’t long before sitcoms portrayed men as incompetent, bumbling oafs who needed their wives to save them from themselves.  Men became the butt of all jokes. We see the attack on male culture in academia and in the media in general.  Where is all this leading? 

Forgotten History That Reveals Our Future!

Most of you reading this live in safe, stable neighborhoods—some of you have lived in the same home for decades. Many enjoy the stability of a long-time residence, sending their children to local schools, knowing and trusting the neighbors, and the financial stability of paying off a home. However, life is not that way for everyone.

What on Earth For?

What on Earth For?

The space race is heating up again! But should it? Are the benefits of space travel worth the risks? Our efforts in the final frontier need perspective.

Acts of God: Why Natural Disasters?

Why do natural disasters ravage our world? Are hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters simply the natural order of things? Is mankind responsible for them, or does the label “acts of God” carry far more meaning than many realize? And what does the future hold?

The answers to these questions will dramatically impact your future. You need to know!