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Gerald Weston

Unlocking the Mystery

The biblical book of Revelation is filled with mysterious symbols: multi-headed beasts, locusts who punish men, a star that falls from heaven, and a burning mountain thrown into the sea which destroys one third of the fish of the sea. Revelation is an unusual book, but it holds vital information for your future. Learn how to unlock the mystery of Revelation!

Our Best Hope

Our world is changing faster than you can read this magazine. What will be the end? The surprising answer is that we are advancing toward a world at peace! But let’s not get ahead of the near future. The time just ahead is not going to be pretty. A new dark age is coming prior to that peaceful age.

Why Is This Message Left Out?

Why Is This Message Left Out?

Many claim to preach the same message Jesus Christ preached. Why then are they ignoring the very heart of His message—when the world needs it more than ever?

Will Jerusalem Survive?

The Middle East has been in turmoil for decades, and many who follow world news wonder what will happen next. The nation of Israel, and its chief city Jerusalem, are at the core of many Middle Eastern struggles. End-time Bible prophecies focus on dramatic events to take place in the Middle East and Jerusalem. Will the climax of the ages catch you off guard? Will Jerusalem survive?

The Dangers of Social Media

Technology is wonderful! Consider the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last half century. Social Media in particular has drastically altered the way we communicate and relate to one another. But is there another side to these technologies? Some say there is. You may be surprised to know what is being revealed about Social Media, and just as importantly, who it is that is sounding the warning!