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Jeffrey Fall

The Power to Choose

"Actions have consequences" is a phrase we are used to hearing. But are we really aware of just how broadly this principle applies? Our choices can make the difference between success and failure in our lives.

The Mythology of Divorce

What is the best way to cope with an unhappy marriage? Many unhappily married people assume that divorce will make them happier—but the evidence tells a far different story.

The Impossible Dream

World peace has been an elusive goal for thousands of years. Many approaches have been tried, yet all have failed. Is world peace truly an "impossible dream," or will many of us experience it within our lifetimes? The answer may surprise you.

The Origin of the Universe

Astronomers and philosophers have long wondered about the origin of the universe. Yet Scripture has contained plain and simple answers for millennia. Amazingly, science is just now beginning to catch up with Scripture!