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Jeffrey Fall

Opium of the People

Today, in the 21st century, it has become increasingly clear to many who study the natural world of science that indeed it is the religion of evolution that is the "opium of the people." The theory of evolution permeates the mindset of the educated and the uneducated alike, to the extent that it is readily assumed to be fact, without any semblance of truth.

The Sum of All Fears

How difficult would it be, currently, for terrorists to get their hands on enough radioactive material for a dirty bomb? According to a recent article by Carrie Dahlberg in the Sacramento Bee: "Despite fears that radioactive material could be shaped into a dirty bomb, hundreds of radioactive products are for sale through catalogs, Web sites and suppliers to anyone with a license to own them."

Pandora's Box

In recent years, amazing progress has been made in mapping the genetic blueprint of many bacteria and viruses that can cause human disease. The more we understand the genetic code of these microbes, the greater the promise of learning to control their deadly nature. Researchers have held out the possibility of developing new vaccines and antibiotics for all sorts of deadly human diseases.

The Impossible Dream

Years ago, the "Beatles' guru"—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi—declared that he had a plan to destroy world terrorism. Maharishi was known to have made the appeal that "with $1 billion he could train 40,000 expert meditators"—who would generate enough "good vibes" to save the world.

Origins of the Universe

The debate has raged for more than a century over the question of the origins of the universe. Has the universe always existed? If not, when did it come into existence—and how did it come into existence?