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Paul Kearns

Myanmar’s Military Coup and the Future of Democracy

Royal palace of Myanmar at sunset

How will the current unrest in Myanmar affect politics—and life—in Southeast Asia in the years to come?

To Give or Not to Give?

Some years ago, I traveled to the Philippines, and there I witnessed much that I will never forget. One event, in particular, provoked me to think deeply about the issues it raised.

When my wife and I made our way to the roadside after eating at a restaurant, two young boys—no older than nine or ten—saw that we needed a taxi. Seeing that we were "Westerners," they then proceeded to hail a taxi for us, with the logical intent to receive a “tip” of a few dollars for their efforts.

A Reflection on Driving

It is amazing how often life’s everyday endeavors can point us to the spiritual. There is much we can learn from the most mundane situations, if only we take time to stop and meditate on them.