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Marks of Regret

Sad tattooed man

See why tattoos only mar the remarkable human body, which God made “very good”—in His own likeness, in fact, without the need for so-called “body art.”

Will You Stand Alone?

Red umbrella alone from black umbrellas

You’ve probably heard the expression “Right is right, even if everyone’s against it.” The Bible shows that it’s true—and that standing by it brings blessings from God!

Make Your Family a Priority

Make Your Family a Priority

Folk singer Harry Chapin’s 1974 song “Cat’s in the Cradle” poignantly depicts a scenario familiar to too many families. The first two verses of the song describe a father who is repeatedly too busy to spend time with his growing son. The last two verses tell of the son, now an adult, who does not have time for his dad. Between each verse, the heartbreaking chorus repeats the point that each says he will spend time with the other when he has more to spare.

The High Cost of High Intensity

The High Cost of High Intensity

Entertainment is not what it used to be. But are we paying a price for the “upgrade”? For example, compare the recent DC films to the 1960s “Batman” television series. Some modern superhero ensembles such as “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League” differ dramatically from the campy shows of yesteryear. While the 1960s television series’ tone was brightly colored and intentionally goofy and fun, the more recent films are dark and brooding, and, in the case of “Batman v Superman,” criticized as humorless.

A Beneficial Friendship

“Would you like to come over to my house for lunch and to watch the Broncos?” Because I was a young single man living on my own, my friend knew I would be alone that Sunday, as would she. Sharing our love of food and football would be a good way for us to spend the afternoon.

This was only one such occasion I enjoyed with this friend over the course of many years, beginning when I was a young teen. She was from my small local church congregation, and I had developed a good relationship with her through the years.