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Rod McNair

Festivals of Death?

What do Halloween, the Day of the Dead and All Souls Day have to do with Christianity? How should Christians view these days? Are they nothing more than occasions for festive celebration—or are they much, much more?

The Big Dry

As Australia copes with unprecedented drought, what lessons can we learn—nationally and individually? Is God the reason for drought and other severe weather calamities, or do human beings need to examine their role in the problem? The truth may surprise you!

Motherhood in Crisis?

Do mothers still play an important role in the family—and in society? In an era of single parents and two-income households, what is the future of motherhood? What can a mother do to give her children the foundation they need for success?

What Should the Church Be Doing?

From social hub to self-help center, churches are redefining their missions in the hope of gaining new members. But what does the Bible say the Church should be doing?

Why Live Forever?

What happens when you die? Countless millions hope to extend their physical lives— but for what purpose? Few truly understand the Bible's promise of eternal life—but you can!