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Rod McNair

"One Small Step For Man..."

Forty years after Neil Armstrong set the first human foot on the moon, what does the future hold for human beings in space?

Why Does God Heal?

Do you need divine healing? Are you doing what needs to be done to receive that healing? God wants to act in your life, if you will let Him!

The Sign of Jonah

Did you know that Jesus said there would be just one sign of His Messiahship? Shockingly, many today who call themselves Christians are involved in religious customs that actually deny this crucial sign! Could you be one of them?

Service or Selfishness?

Corruption in government is an age-old problem. Will rulers always choose their own interests over the interests of the governed? Scripture tells of a wonderful future of perfect government under Jesus Christ!

Who Will Rule the Waves?

After centuries of British and American dominance on the seas, new powers are emerging. As the People's Republic of China flexes its growing military muscle, what does this portend for the future of America?