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Rod McNair

Hooligans in belgrade

As I was watching the CNN coverage of the riots in Serbia the other day, the news camera zoomed in to some of the action on the street in Belgrade. Several protesters were standing in the back of a pickup truck as it made its way through the swarming throngs of people.

Intermittent fires were burning in buildings in the background. As the truck moved along, one of the men in the back of the pickup casually turned towards the camera, lifted a bottle to his mouth, took a long drink, and offhandedly tossed the empty bottle away.

Good dogs gone bad

My cell phone rang with an urgent call from my wife: "Daisy's out—I need your help!" I finished my business, hopped in the car and hurried home through the rain, thankful I was just a few minutes away.

Are you too busy for God?

One of the prime dangers for Christians today is getting so busy that they lose their spiritual focus. Especially as the pace of society hastens, this is a real danger to spiritual growth!

A Society That Has Rejected God

Have we as a society rejected God? Do we really worship and obey Him?

Giving up Everest

On May 26, 2006, high on the north slope of Mount Everest, Daniel Mazur, Olympia, Washington climbing guide was faced with a life or death decision. He was climbing the summit of Everest when he and his party encountered a most unusual sight. "Mazur, his two clients and a Sherpa guide were just two hours from the 29,035-foot peak… when they came across 50-year-old Lincoln Hall, who was left a day earlier when his own guides believed he was dead. 'I was shocked to see a guy without gloves, hat, oxygen bottles or sleeping bag at sunrise at 28,200 feet height, just sitting up there,' said Mazur… Mazur said Hall's first words to him were: 'I imagine you are surprised to see me here.'" ("Man Gives up Everest Climb for Rescue," New York Times, June 8, 2006)