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A President attacks the Beast

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When Czech President Vaclav Klaus addressed the E.U. parliament, he blasted the European Union for alienating voters and oppressing member states.  Standing before a shocked parliament, Mr. Klaus then escalated his attack.  He compared the E.U. to the Soviet Union – permitting no freedom.  Parliament members threw their hands into the air and exited the chamber in protest (Associated Press, February 19, 2009).

Mr. Klaus' invective is instructive not only because of his accusations, but also because it was delivered by none other than the President of the nation currently holding the E.U.'s rotating presidency! The Czech President's strong charges against the very government of which his nation is a part, sound very much like the Bible's description of the end-time Beast system.

This Work has long understood that there will be a lack of cohesion between the members of this final European superpower. We have also long warned that a resurgent Germany will become the leading power of an eventual 10-nation confederacy. And further, the Bible shows that this end-time Beast power will eventually turn against the U.S., the U.K. and our long-time allies.

Many look at the European Union as simply a modern trading block. But, while Klaus' accusations may seem overstated, they do illustrate the growing tensions and the "iron and clay" composition of this end-time system (Daniel 2:42).

As the BBCNews recently reported about the fight over economic strategy between the "big three" European nations – France, the U.K, and Germany: "Sarkozy got too big for his boots. He taunted, baited and ridiculed Chancellor Merkel and went off to London to see Gordon Brown, whom the Germans despised as the architect of a disaster from which he was now claiming to save the world. Merkel was not invited" (February 24, 2009).

The current economic crisis could be the precise catalyst needed to both escalate tensions and to drive further European integration. Note that the European Commission is now requesting more powers of the type that Vaclav Klaus railed against – much stronger "European supervisory arrangements covering all financial sectors" (Financial Times, February 24, 2009). This would provide the authority to enforce E.U. monetary rulings at the member-state level.

Your Bible foretells that this European super-state will ideologically drift apart from the modern Israelitish nations. The financial crisis seems to be accelerating this division. As the Financial Times reported in December, Germany strongly opposes English, French and U.S. strategy in dealing with the current financial crisis. Furthermore, European leaders acknowledge a "growing rift with Germany over the issue" (December 8, 2008). As global economic conditions further deteriorate, one only has to look back to the nationalism that followed the Great Depression of the 1930's that helped launch World War II to see a modern-day precedent including all of the same players.

The Czech President and others will continue to attack the European Union, and it will continue to evolve. It will grow stronger and Germany will increasingly dominate it. And eventually this system of "iron and clay" will enter into conflict with the U.S., Britain and our long-time allies, leading to global war and to the Great Tribulation spoken of in Matthew 24.

However, if we learn to fully walk with God, trusting Him, obeying Him, and letting Christ live in us (Galatians 2:20), then we can receive God's protection during these times, and we can look forward to hearing our King and High Priest say "Well done, good and faithful servant" when He returns (Matthew 25:21). For additional insight into what your Bible says about the growing European superpower, the coming time of punishment on modern Israelitish nations, and Christ's imminent return as King of kings, watch the excellent telecast, Where Are the Assyrians Today? And read the detailed booklet The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor or Soon-Coming Reality?