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Abortion, economics, and Ireland's dilemma

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Ireland rejected the Lisbon treaty in 2008, and Eurocrats are again near despair over another potential Irish "no vote."  The Beast is growing, and it wants Ireland.  Consequently, Brussels' bureaucrats are paying lip service to Irish demands on military neutrality, taxation autonomy and anti-abortion laws.  Ireland can gain economic advantage and, in return, Europe requests Ireland's sovereignty, its future, and its children.  How will Ireland decide?

An analysis of Brussels' intentions and the law shows their dubious "concessions" are nothing more than political pandering and it is doubtful that they would ever be fully granted (The Irish Times, "Lisbon Treaty and abortion," July 18, 2009).

At the moment, Ireland appears determined to defend the Eighth Amendment to its constitution, added in 1983, which strictly outlaws abortion and prevents it from being legalized in the future…so long as Ireland remains a sovereign nation, of course! This is a point which biblically based Christians should understand, and on which interestingly, the Catholic church is also adamant (The Irish Times, July 16, 2009). Scripture shows that God knows and loves the unborn baby. David and others were known by God, and were special to God, even "in the womb" (Psalms 139:13-16).

Whether killed through Caesarean abortion (where the preterm baby is extracted and suffocates to death), or partial-birth abortion (where the baby is partially delivered, only to have his or her brains suctioned out), or through other procedures, scripture plainly shows that God knows and loves the unborn baby and considers it a living human being. (See, Abortion: A Deadly Game of Terminology for more on this.)

Ireland may have noble intentions, and may delude itself into believing it has solved its anti-abortion dilemma, but what of its national dilemma?

Under E.U. pressure and amidst political promises, on July 13, the Irish approved holding another Lisbon referendum this coming October 3 (The Irish Times, July 13, 2009). This is a major step toward membership. And, following Iceland's July 17 "yes vote" (The Wall Street Journal, July 17, 2009), and considering dubious E.U. assurances to Irish demands, the pressure on Ireland to ratify Lisbon has never been greater.

Furthermore, if Ireland votes "yes," and global economics further deterioriate, then the pressure on Britain to succumb will be unprecedented. The E.U. knows this, and is moving fast on both Ireland and Britain, especially before a Euro-skeptic British Conservative party replaces Britain's Euro-friendly Labor government in coming months (Financial Times, June 18, 2009).

Pressure to join the E.U. is becoming irresistible. Europe is already an economic and political colossus, and will also temporarily become a religious and military superpower (the Beast of Revelation 13:15-18). Perhaps well-meaning and practical from a human perspective, this final revival of the "Holy Roman Empire" will temporarily enrich those who accept its rules and will be sanctioned and even directed by a powerful religious system (Revelation 17:2-5). Note that this religious system will also exert religious pressure to re-gather her wayward religious "daughters" (Isaiah 47:8).

However, this economic and military empire will be fraught with political division (Daniel 2:33-34). Today, we see a Roman Catholic-backed European empire rapidly coalescing exactly as Scripture and God's Church has long warned!

So-called guarantees are nothing more than political promises, and post-referendum, E.U. law will be law. Regardless of temporary economic advantage, Ireland, the U.K. and the other European nations are warned against "fornicating" with this system. To disregard this warning is to disregard God's admonition to "come out of her" or share in her plagues (Revelation 18:3-4).

Ireland's dilemma is not just about whether or not to trust E.U. political rhetoric. Like our individual choices, Ireland's dilemma is really about whether or not to compromise, to commit spiritual fornication, and suffer God's wrath. How will Ireland decide? How will we, individually decide?

Please request The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor or Soon-Coming Reality? and readBehind the Mists of Ireland to learn more.