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The Tragic Consequences of Transgenderism

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At a “Pride Event” hosted by and held at the White House on June 10, 2023, an appalling and shocking scene unfolded. A biological male with hormonally augmented breasts, believing himself to be a “transgender woman,” went topless, revealing his artificial chest while jumping up and down. He was joined by biological females who called themselves “transgender men,” who had undergone surgery wherein their natural breasts had been removed. This sad display was immortalized on video, to the great shame of those who organized the event.

The White House issued a statement condemning this raucous and disrespectful behavior; however, the damage was done. As penalty for showing the world the moral depravity of the transgender movement, these renegades would not be invited to future events.

At the same event, the “Progress Pride flag” was flown in the middle of two U.S. flags, ostensibly a violation of U.S. flag code standards. It was prominently perched amid the pillars of the White House facing the south lawn, taking the prominent center spot reserved only for the U.S. flag, according to accepted protocol.

While society at large allows or supports the rapid and widespread development of the transgender movement and the initiatives it spawns—save a minority of resistant voices—the evils engendered through this ideology continue to accelerate and broaden. The financial potential for “gender-affirming care” is driving opportunistic doctors into the fray. It appears that catering to the psychological infirmities of a small percentage of the population, particularly adolescent youth, is worth casting aside the Hippocratic Oath of “do no harm” to perform nothing less than mutilation. But gender transition is a big and ever-expanding business. Many physicians are becoming eager to provide these expensive, controversial, and dangerous procedures.

A Forbes article dated November 11, 2022, explains that the cost of transgender surgeries can be $5,000­–$10,000 for “top surgery” and $25,600 for “bottom surgery,” with additional costs for various other procedures and treatments (“How To Afford Transgender Surgery Expenses”). states the following:

There are 1.6 million transgender Americans, according to a 2022 UCLA Williams Institute report. Even a decade ago, the cost of gender-affirming care—everything from top and bottom surgery to psychological counseling to cosmetic surgery—was all on the patient, says Loren Schechter, MD, a plastic surgeon and director of the Gender Affirmation Surgery practice at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Today, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the ACA public marketplace is supposed to be covering much of the care. “Although there are many challenges, we’ve made quite a bit of progress,” says Dr. Schechter, who is also a member of the executive committee of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. “Over the last 10 to 12 years, we’ve seen expanded access to care and expanded insurance coverage” (“Funding gender-transition care,” June 2022).

The costs associated with these surgeries and procedures are nowhere near as great as the losses incurred spiritually. These losses include the emotional torment experienced by those who learn that body modification does nothing to remove the true cause of their dissatisfaction—their own psychological and spiritual ailments. Take, for example, the account of Chris Beck, who “detransitioned” and said that he had “lived in hell for the past 10 years” (“Take Detransitioners Seriously,” The Atlantic, January 18, 2023).

The greater issue, not addressed by these medical methods of so-called “care,” is what these individuals need spiritually. God made mankind in His own image and likeness, and therefore intends for us not to deface or damage what He has deemed the “temple of the Holy Spirit,” the physical body (1 Corinthians 6:19). Why do these procedures appear like solutions to the problems these individuals face? One reason is that so many do not know the true meaning and purpose of their lives. To learn more about God’s plan for humanity and the joy and peace it provides, request a free copy of What is the Meaning of Life?, or read it right here at