The Rise of China and India

  1. 22nd May 2006
  2. Scott D. Winnail

Natural resources often play powerful roles in global conflicts. In modern times, the most highly populated nations have often had the weakest economies, and thus have never been able to consume vast amounts of natural resources.


Avian flu, in the form of the A(H5N1) virus, is winging its way across the globe with alarming speed. Experts still disagree about its ultimate ability to inflict a worldwide epidemic on the human family


Political instability at Europe's core

  1. 09th May 2006
  2. Scott D. Winnail

France has been experiencing civil unrest that threatens the future of its political leaders. Germany recently faced labor strikes involving over 30,000 workers. Italy has just concluded a very rocky and divisive national election.


The teen massacre madness continues

  1. 02nd May 2006
  2. Gary F. Ehman

Two more chilling stories of thwarted teenage school massacre plots have stunned Americans once again. Police, in April, uncovered a plan by five Riverton, Kansas teenage boys just hours before the attack. Several days later, police arrested six North Pole, Alaska seventh-graders planning to kill students and teachers.


Sex Sells ... Let the Buyer Beware!

  1. 25th April 2006
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

It’s everywhere—lots of flesh, provocative poses, suggestive moves, lyrics and dialogue; all calculated to stir the passions of the listener or viewer, young or old, male or female. The appeal to the desire for physical pleasures is used to purvey every kind of product and service in every form of media. It’s slick. It’s colorful. It’s well done. And, it’s...


The Curse of Tobacco

  1. 18th April 2006
  2. Carl Ponder (1939-2007)

It was just after my ordination into the ministry that it came to my attention that George (not his real name) was secretly smoking.


For in your Easter bonnet...

  1. 11th April 2006
  2. Harold Way

In the gospel of Luke, chapter 24, one can find the story of Jesus, after His resurrection, joining two others traveling to a village named Emmaus, which was located some seven miles outside of Jerusalem.


Oil war!

  1. 05th April 2006
  2. Don Davis

The world is at war over oil! It has been going on since World War I. It used to be said that armies marched on their stomachs – and this is still true – but the food, supplies and munitions that armies have used since 1914 have mostly been delivered via oil-burning ships, aviation-fueled aircraft and trucks thirsty for gasoline.


Bible codes: fact or fiction?

  1. 28th March 2006
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

There is tremendous interest in biblical matters today. The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit here in Charlotte, North Carolina is drawing large crowds of people from all faiths. These ancient relics appear to confirm that the Bible we have today is remarkably intact.


Will peace ever come to the Middle East?

  1. 21st March 2006
  2. Rand Millich

The Middle East received a major jolt with the election of a Palestinian terrorist group. Headlines shouted: HAMAS' WIN PUTS MIDEAST IN A JUMBLE (Kansas City Star); NEW EQUATION SHOCKS MIDEAST (USA Today); HAMAS ELECTION VICTORY SHOCKS WORLD (Associated Press) and HAMAS ROUTS RULING FACTION, CASTING PALL ON PEACE PROCESS (New York Times).