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A Future European Army?

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Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, recently stated, “the EU should establish its own army to show Russia it is serious about defending European values.” During an interview with Die Welt am Sonntag, Juncker said, “Europe has lost a huge amount of respect. In foreign policy too, we don’t seem to be taken entirely seriously. An army would allow the EU to react in a ‘credible manner’ to threats to peace in a member state or in a neighbouring country” (EU Observer, March 9, 2015). 

German Defense Minister “Ursula Von der Leyen told German radio that she believed that the German army could ‘under certain circumstances’ be prepared to put soldiers under the control of another nation… She said ‘our future as Europeans will one day be a European army’ although she added ‘not in the short term’” (ibid.). Britain and France have traditionally opposed such an army and Finland has also expressed dissatisfaction with the idea (EU Observer, March 10, 2015). Yet, just last week the Benelux nations of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands signed an air defense pact to start in 2017 (EU Observer, March 5, 2015).

A future European army under control of the prophesied “beast” power is certainly supported by the Bible (Daniel 11:36-43; Luke 21:20, 24).

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