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Ancient Trees Confound Evolutionists

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Scientists working in northwest China have examined ancient tree fossils and discovered that trees “that grew more than 300 million years ago had a far more complex structure than their counterparts today… The earliest trees had an astonishingly intricate anatomy for reasons scientists do not understand” (The Independent, October 23, 2017). According to one University of Cardiff researcher, “There is no other tree that I know of in the history of the Earth that has ever done anything as complicated as this. The tree simultaneously ripped its skeleton apart and collapsed under its own weight while staying alive and growing upwards and outwards to become the dominant plant of its day.”

These new research findings fly in the face of most evolution-based expectations, in which organisms often develop from simple to complex. However, the Bible offers another perspective. The Bible states that it is God, not evolution and random chance, who created both the heavens and the earth. This same God is fully capable of changing the design of His creation over time for reasons only He may understand. Time and the discoveries of science continue to provide evidence that confounds man’s attempts to explain creation without a Creator—such as the theory of evolution. For more insights into the limitations of evolutionary theory, be sure to watch “Three Dangerous Lies of Evolution.”