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Bold “State of the EU” Proposals

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EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his “State of the European Union” speech on September 13 and outlined several bold proposals for the Eurozone. One idea was to create a “super president” position that would merge “the presidencies of the European Commission and the European Council” and result in streamlining the bureaucracy (EU Observer, September 14, 2017). Another proposal in Mr. Juncker’s speech was a European finance and economy minister to better harmonize the economies and finances of EU member nations. He also called for a full defense union by 2025 and the removal of national veto rights from member nations (The Telegraph, September 14, 2017; European Commission, September 13, 2017). Some current EU nations favor these proposals, including France and Italy. However other nations, including the Netherlands and Denmark, are not pleased.

Bible prophecies have long foretold that a charismatic “super president,” so to speak, will emerge to head Europe at the time of the end. He is referred to in Scripture as the “beast” who will be supported by ten other European leaders (Revelation 17:12-13) in some form of a revived Roman Empire (Daniel 2:40-44). He will lead a German-led Europe against a Middle Eastern group of nations and eventually gain control of the Holy Land and Jerusalem (Daniel 11:40-43; Luke 21:20). To learn where current events in Europe are heading, be sure to watch “The Beast of Revelation.”