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Brexit and Gibraltar

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“The European Commission has put its ‘full support’ behind giving Spain a veto on the economic future of Gibraltar” (EU Observer, April 3, 2017). But “the head of Gibraltar’s government has unequivocally stated that his territory will remain British despite Brexit” (Deutsche Welle, April 3, 2017). “A statement following the call from Downing Street said the [British] prime minister would ‘never enter into arrangements under which the people of Gibraltar would pass under the sovereignty of another state against their freely and democratically expressed wishes’” (ibid.). “Michael Howard, the one-time head of the British Conservative Party, compared the situation in Gibraltar over the weekend to the war over the Falkland Islands” (Spiegel, April 3, 2017). Gibraltar is one of Britain’s only remaining sea gates, and—like the Falklands—is strongly desired by its neighboring nation, in this case Spain.

God long ago prophesied that, due to their rejection of Him, the Israelite nations would have the pride of their power broken (Leviticus 26:19), including the revocation of earlier promises of possessing the “gate of their enemies” (Genesis 22:17). For more information on the future of these important British sea gates, read or listen to “Defending Britain’s Honour.”